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Together with our partners, we are paving the way for the transition towards a circular economy.

We are already working together with several industry leaders, and are open for new collaborations to help us build more sustainable communities.
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The Benefits

Most of the items that we collect would have otherwise ended up in the trash. This is because the traditional methods of reusing and recycling are being seen as too complicated and time-consuming.
We collect items directly from people's homes. This helps us to avoid most pain points associated with traditional collection methods, such as loss of quality due to contamination.
Through our innovative technological solution, we are in direct contact with our users. This allows us to gather reliable data on citizens' preferences and behaviours.

Our Partners

BOER Group
The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries there is. That is why we have joined forceswith this partner to optimize the collection and recycling procedures of used textiles.
Het Goed
Through the thrift stores of Het Goed, not only things, but also people get a second chance. This partner employs workers with a distance to the labor market.
Cyclus supports municipal clients in creating a clean and safe living environment. Together with this partner, we have set up our free collection service in Krimpen a/d IJssel.
Boekenbalie partner buys second-hand books to resell them at a low price. This is how they give a second life to the books that are gathering dust on your bookshelf.
A&M Recycling
From a traditional waste collector, A&M Recycling has developed into a leading and innovative player in the circular economy. This partner is constantly looking for new, better ways of waste management.
Gamechangers when we talk about sustainable fashion. This Rotterdam partner collects pre-loved sneakers to completely refurbish them in their Fresh Step Factory, preparing them for a second life.
rebuy brings used media and electronic devices back into the economic cycle. To do this, they use the most modern sorting, refurbishing and reconditioning technologies.
RetourMatras stands for sustainable mattress recycling. They ensure that the precious materials in used mattresses are not lost, but reused asraw materials for e.g. insulation material.
Irado facilitates a clean and sustainable society. This partner takes care of the waste management, cleaning and maintenance in 4 municipalities in South Holland.
The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries there is. That is why we have joined forces with this partner to optimize the collection and recycling procedures of used textiles.
Want to find out more about how we can help your company to make the transition to a circular economy? Read our impact report to learn more about our service.

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“With help from CityLab010 (Rotterdam’s platform which supports social entrepreneurship), Byewaste wants to simplify the reusing and recycling processes in Rotterdam — leading to a cleaner and more sustainable municipality.”
“The municipality is pleased with the initiative. Just like in the rest of the Netherlands, Capelle wants to decrease the production of residual waste by promoting reusing. The city's Waste Plan contains various measures to improve the separation and recycling of waste. Thanks to the Byewaste service, it has now become even easier to give useful items a second life.”
“To give the clutter around you a second life is the slogan of Byewaste. A great mission, but how do you get the public to declutter? Byewaste lowers the threshold for recycling by picking those items up for free, by means of an app that excels in user-friendliness.”
“Byewaste is fighting the waste problem in our country. On an annual basis, many reusable objects and materials get lost among the residual waste because they are not being recycled. Byewaste gives items that people no longer use a second life by collecting them from peoples' houses for free.”