We are changing the game in the sustainability industry.

Tommaso Troiani


I'm Tommaso, one of the founders of Byewaste. This means that I am responsible for building the best and most passionate team and making the world waste free. I started Byewaste because I couldn't believe that the only practical solution to recover value from these objects was to forget about them or at most incinerate them.

Francisco Rivera


I am Francisco, an entrepreneur and scientist with a PhD in process. My area of expertise is the development of circular economy. The last couple of years, I have been developing technologies for the recovery and recycling of waste in the Netherlands. I am a co-founder of Byewaste: a community-driven solution for the separation and recycling of household waste. We especially focus on materials that are harmful to the environment when mixed but which can be recovered as raw materials when properly separated. I am convinced that new knowledge and technologies can be used intelligently to create profitable innovation and a truly circular economy.

Riccardo Testa


Hi, I am Riccardo. I want to improve people's lives by developing software and I have tried to do so for my entire life. At Byewaste, I build the technology that connects citizens and waste companies. As a developer, I’m actively involved in all the stages of the product creation, from the concept to the deployment. I also love to be surrounded by nature, so I travel as much as I can to discover natural wonders around the world. Therefore, I want to be an active actor in the preservation of the natural world, which is why Byewaste’s mission is so important to me. I also believe that our service can help citizens fulfill their environmental responsibilities with greater ease.

Sara Filippini

Systemic Designer

Hello! My name is Sara, and I am a junior Systemic Designer based in Italy. I consistently work hard to increase public awareness about our environmental responsibility by building creative solutions that add meaning to everyone's actions. I use my background in outlining product interaction to connect people with Byewaste and shape our service for the best experience. Teamwork makes the green work!

Yara Bakker

Marketing Manager

Hi there! I’m Yara, the marketing manager of Byewaste. I make sure that everyone knows about our awesome service and that the wishes of our users are being heard. I strongly believe that we provide a convenient solution to a problem that many of us experience in our everyday lives, and I joined Byewaste in the hope of contributing to a greener society through more than my everyday practices.

Maarten de Goede

Android Developer

Hi! I’m Maarten, a mobile developer at Byewaste.I’m 24 years old, I’m Dutch, and I live in Rotterdam. Next to working at Byewaste I study part-time computer science. I love bringing art, design, and technology together to make great software. My hobbies include table-top games, video games, reading, camping, hiking, cooking, socialising, and creating interesting things such as cocktail machines or clapping apps.

Pablo Vermeulen

Business Developer

Hey! I’m Pablo, Business Developer at Byewaste. I live in the Hague and am passionate about surfing and music. I’m responsible for managing and establishing partnerships to ensure that we can help as many cities as possible to responsibly manage their citizen’s waste. From a young age, I’ve learned and experienced the beauty and importance of nature, which is why I’m very happy to actively contribute to the preservation of our earth!

Florent Maccario

Senior..Business Analyst

Hi, I’m Florent, senior business analyst. I have been advising all types of organisations in recent years to become as resilient as possible, with a focus on circular economy and especially on waste prevention. At Byewaste, I create partnerships with external stakeholders to help the company grow and I also provide expertise on sustainability strategy to the founders. I am super excited about Byewaste's mission, as our service will improve reuse and recycling rates by providing a simple collection solution for the user.

Gabriele Menichelli

Marketing Specialist

Hi! I’m Gabriele, working as a Marketing Specialist for Byewaste. I have been living in Amsterdam for 4 years while also spending a lot of time in Italy. I've always been passionate about digital startups and marketing strategy. I love discovering new cultures and I've been living in different countries, such as Albania, USA, Australia and Portugal before coming to the Netherlands. I’m into Techno music, I enjoy going to rave parties and listening to it because it is so exciting. I like to practise sports and one of my favourite is kickboxing.

Kim Ngan Van

Marketing Intern

Hi, I'm Kim and I work as a Digital Marketing intern at Byewaste. Besides this internship I am studying International Business at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences where I learn about marketing and sustainability. I support the Marketing Team in their daily tasks in social media content and market research. I have always been interested in nature and recycling. I think it is important to protect the planet for a better future for everyone. Byewaste aims to build sustainable communities and contribute to a sustainable planet. As a digital marketing intern at Byewaste, I believe that I can contribute in the environment.