July 7, 2023
Kim Ngan Van

4 companies in The Hague that help the planet

Today we would like to draw attention to the companies in The Hague have a  positive impact on our planet. The Netherlands has a number of companies that are actively committed to sustainability and the environment. These companies strive for a better future and contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of our society.

  1. Seepje

Meet Seepje, an inspiring company that helps the planet by harnessing the power of fruit peels. It all started when Melvin and Jasper saw on television in 2013 how fruit peels were used in Nepal to make a natural soap. Inspired by this sustainable process, they decided to scrape together all their student finance and a large peeling cargo ship to The Hague.

Today, Seepje has grown into a well-known brand that produces natural detergents and polishes. By processing the fruit peels, they create products that are free of harmful chemicals and plastic. This contributes to reducing the burden on the environment.

Seepje takes sustainability one step further by working with local farmers in Nepal and other countries. They ensure fair trade and support local communities. Moreover, Seepje's packaging is environmentally friendly, made from recycled plastic and cardboard.

With Seepje, Melvin and Jasper show that an everyday activity such asto wash can have a positive impact on the planet. They inspire people conscious choices and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Photo: Seepje

  1. Atelier Jungles

Photo: Evajinek

Atelier Jungles is a fashion label from The Hague that takes a new approach to fashion. The company believes in honest clothing with a story, where every garment is made with social responsibility and sustainable production.

What makes Atelier Jungles unique is their involvement in the local community and the focus on offering opportunities to people with a distance to the labor market. The company offers guidance and training to tailors with work experience, enabling them to grow, learn and actively participate in the labor process again.

Transparency is central to Atelier Jungles, where you are even invited to come and take a look at the studio by appointment and see the craftsmen at work.

She collection consists of clothing made from sustainable materials and designer deadstock. By making use of"discarded" materials from designers and brands that would otherwise be destroyed, they give these high-quality fabrics a new life and make a lasting impact.

Instead of releasing a new collection every season, Atelier Jungles launches a small collection six to seven times a year. In doing so, they aim to change the culture of replacement to one of addition and reuse, with a focus on personal style rather than the latest trends.

By consciously choosing fewer, but nicer and more sustainable purchases, everyone can contribute to solving the problem of fast fashion, while at the same time wearing a beautiful outfit. Atelier Jungles shows that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.


  1. Sibö

Photo: Sibo

Sibö is a biotechnology company founded in 2021 by Alejandro Ortega and Daniela Arias in The Hague. Their roots in Costa Rica have instilled in them a deep-rooted respect for nature, preserving it as a matter of course.

Five years ago, the founders realized that the food they used to take for granted now threatens the planet and their loved ones. Determined to be the change the world needs, they left their beautiful country, family and ideal weather to find a solution.

The company focuses on the development and supply of efficient, clean and easy-to-process insect-based nutritional ingredients and water-soluble proteins containing all essential amino acids. They have developed, patented and optimized breakthrough technologies for the isolation and separation of insect biocomponents, enabling them to improve the application of these materials.

With a strong focus on sustainability and the pursuit of a circular economy, Sibö contributes to reducing the ecological footprint of the food industry. They are committed to providing quality ingredients that help transform the food industry and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Sibö shows that technology and nature can go hand in hand to tackle the challenges of our time.

  1. Masterpiece

Photo: indebuurt

At the beginning of 2019, Suzanne Vermet-Reijgersberg and Lieke van Schouwenburg created Masterpiece with their passion for fashion and clothing. After studying the fashion industry, they realized that this sector is a major contributor to pollution. Of course they didn't want to participate in this! For this reason they came up with the idea for Masterpiece.

At Masterpiece you can enjoy the splendor of designer clothing without the high costs. This innovative company rents out exclusive garments from renowned brands, making it accessible to everyone to wear real eye-catchers and special items.

Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive clothing, Masterpiece offers an affordable alternative. By renting and sharing clothes, you have an endless variety of beautiful items at your disposal. You can put together special outfits, combine them endlessly and always try something new.

By sharing clothing, less clothing is produced, which contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry. Suzanne and Lieke believe in active involvement in creating a positive change in fashion, where style and sustainability go hand in hand.


Do you know of other companies in The Hague that make an impact on our planet? Share them with us!