Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about the service

What items do you pick up?

We collect reusable books, electronics, toys and textiles. If there are additional options available for your neighbourhood, they will be shown in the app.

The maximum size per box/bag is 48 x 32 x 36 cm (a standard moving box). The maximum weight per package is 10 kg.

What will happen to my items?

If the items are still in good condition, they will be reused through our network of sustainable partners. These are, for example, local thrift stores and parties such as Boekenbalie.

If it turns out that the items can no longer be reused, we will ensure that they are properly recycled. The materials from which the items are made will then be reused as raw materials. This is how we protect the environment.

How often can I make an appointment?

You can make use of our service an unlimited number of times. However, for environmental reasons, it is advisable to collect as many items as possible at once and offer them at the same time.

This way, we reduce our ecological footprint by reducing the number of journeys.

Where is your service available?

Our service is currently available in:
- Capelle aan den IJssel
- Rotterdam
- Krimpen aan den IJssel
- Den Haag - Loosduinen

Help us grow by requesting our service from your municipality or sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date.


How does your service work?

Get rid of your pre-loved items for free with the Byewaste pick-up service:

  1. Sort your belongings
    Collect all of the electronics, textiles, toys, books and more that you would like to give a second life to.
  2. Prepare the package(s)
    Use a different box or bag for each category (max. 48 x 32 x 36 cm & 10 kg). Use our printable stickers or pen and paper to label the packages.
  3. Make an appointment
    Choose the most convenient date and time in our mobile- or web app and relax, we'll take care of the rest!

Please note
Where you have to leave the items on the day of the collection depends on your area and house type. Please review the instructions for your place of residence to make sure that the pick-up goes smoothly.

What box/bag can I use?

We prefer the following packaging:
- Textiles: plastic bags
- Books: sturdy boxes
- Electronics and toys: boxes, crates or bags

Close the package properly and make sure that it is no larger than 48 x 32 x 36 cm (a standard moving box) or heavier than 10 kg.

TIP: Reuse old moving boxes, mail boxes, shopping bags or ask the supermarket if they have any packaging that you can use.

Where do I get new stickers?

A printable version of our stickers can be found here. However, you can also have your belongings picked up without stickers.

In this case, please write "Byewaste" and the category (textile, electronics or mix) on a piece of paper and attach it to the package.


It is raining, what now?

If your pick-up has not been cancelled in advance by the collector, we will still drive by your house during the reserved timeslot.

In this case, please put your belongings in a water-resistant box or bag, so that they do not get wet.

Do you carry items off the stairs?

Due to the safety measures of our collection partners, they are not allowed to carry heavy items down the stairs. In this case, they are not insured for accidents.

Please make sure that someone is present on the collection day to help carry the items, or bring them down before the chosen timeslot in case there is no elevator in the building.

My items have not been picked up

We are sorry to hear that your pick-up did not go well!

Please review the instructions once more to make sure that you followed the right steps. If this is the case, you can report the incident to our customer service via

I have an issue with the app

We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble using our app!

Please send us an email with a detailed description of the problem and the device you are using (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S23). Then we will try our best to help you.

Why did my mattress pick-up get cancelled?

We cancel mattress pick-up appointments in advance if heavy rain is expected. This is because mattresses can no longer be recycled if they get wet. In this case, you can make a new appointment to have the mattress picked up at a later time.

If the appointment has not been cancelled but it does rain on the collection day, we ask you to keep the mattress inside. In this case, our collector will ring the doorbell.

How can I support Byewaste?

You can support us by sharing our service with your neighbours, family and friends or writing a review on Trustpilot. This way, we can increase our number of users and the amount of items saved from the trash!

You can also donate to our cause. Any amount is welcome! As we are a free service, we are partly dependent on donations of our users to cover the costs of logistics and storage.

We like you too!