September 22, 2023
Demi Storcken

5 Sustainable outings for the family

Sustainability is an important topic that is gaining more and more attention. It is not only crucial for our well-being but also for the future of our planet. It is essential to teach children about sustainability and how we can all contribute to a more sustainable world. 

Sustainable family outings are a great way to involve children in this topic. During these outings, children can learn about nature, the environment, and how we can take care of it in a fun and interactive way. In this blog we share five sustainable outings for the family, where children can learn about sustainability in a playful way.

1. Foraging walk

A foraging walk is a fun and educational way to show your children the beauty and diversity of nature, and how we can treat it with respect and have fun with it. 

Firstly, it is good to know that foraging is officially not allowed in the Netherlands, but it is tolerated in some areas. Staatsbosbeheer, for example, allows foraging on a small scale, for personal use, and at your own risk. 

Use this foraging map for an overview of fun foraging routes, or use this map for an overview of forage gardens. You can also find several books on the topic, with tips on what to pick and what to look out for.

If you are foraging for the first time, it might also be helpful to attend a workshop first. A workshop will teach you to do it safely and respectfully and teach you about finding and recognizing edible plants, berries, seeds, nuts, and fruits. 

2. Thrift shopping

When buying second-hand items, you give them a new life and contribute to a world without waste. Thrift shopping is a fun way to make children aware of sustainability and teach them how to use their belongings responsibly. Thrift shops often have a broad and unique range of second-hand items that also can be interesting to children, such as toys, books, and children's clothes and shoes. 

For the creatives, there are countless ways to craft with items from the thrift store. For example, you can transform the thrifted clothes into a new garment or accessory, make your own toys from old materials, or refurbish furniture and give it a whole new look to match the style of your children's room. Pinterest offers a lot of inspiration for upcycling with thrifted items. 

Are you looking for even more inspiration? We invite you to join our Upcycling community. You can also read our blog with ten inspiring upcycling ideas for parents. 

Visit this website for an overview of thrift shops in the Netherlands, or visit one of the thrift shops of our partner Het Goed.

3. Trash walk 

A trash walk is a fun and helpful way to contribute to a cleaner environment with your family while enjoying the outdoors. You can turn it into a fun activity for your children by, for example, organizing a competition to see who can collect the most litter or a scavenger hunt. During the walk, you can make your kids aware of the importance of a clean living environment and teach them how to deal with waste responsibly. 

You can go out independently with your family, for example, walk around your neighborhood and pick up litter there, or choose a spot in nature. It is important to pay attention to safety and wear gloves. Many municipalities have the option to request a free litter grab. 

If you prefer to go out with a larger group during this sustainable outing for the family,  you can search for a trash walk nearby or organize one yourself on this website. You can also join World Clean Up Day, an annual global clean-up campaign.

4. Barefoot trail

Walking a barefoot path is an adventure for young and old. Not only is it super exciting to be allowed to take an entire walk without shoes, but it also has a lot of variation, meaning your kids won’t get bored. There are even barefoot trails with activities along the way for children. 

In addition, this sustainable outing for the family offers several health benefits. It stimulates the muscles, veins, and reflex zones in your feet, giving you more energy. It even seems to have therapeutic effects, as your feet have all kinds of pressure points that correspond to other places in your body. Furthermore, outdoor air and exercise are healthy.

There are several barefoot paths throughout the country. You can find a bunch of them on this website.

5. Plastic fishing

Plastic fishing is a fun and educational activity for children. It is a way to teach children about the dangers of plastic waste in the environment and how they can help solve the problem. 

During this activity, children can use a net to search for plastic waste in the water. The waste is then scooped out of the water and put into a bucket. While doing so, it is also important to teach your kids how to dispose of and recycle the waste properly. You can fish plastic out of ditches with a scoop net while on a walk or rent a boat somewhere. 

You will help to prevent this waste from ending up in the ocean and contribute to the mission of The Ocean Cleanup. In this blog, you will find an interesting documentary on the negative impact of plastic waste on our oceans.

Sustainable family outings are a fun way to teach your children about sustainability interactively and a way to have a positive impact on the environment together.

Are you looking for sustainable activities for your kids at home? Check out this page on our website.