April 29, 2022
Yara Bakker

5 Ways to get rid of your old items

Are your belongings getting in your way? Then there's only one thing to do: it's time to declutter. A tidy environment gives you peace of mind, and you will also have to spend a lot less time on the weekly deep clean. A true win-win situation!

But what should you do with all the stuff that you want to get rid of? In this article, we have listed all the different options for you. To make sure that no valuable materials are lost among the residual waste, it is important that you choose the right one. This way, you ensure that you give back as much as possible to other people and the planet!

1. Hand your items in at the thrift store

If your items are still in a good condition, you can bring them to the thrift store. You can easily find the nearest store online.

For example, all the stores of Het Goed in the Netherlands are listed on this page. This way, you ensure that your old stuff will be reused by someone else, who can buy it in the store for a low price.

It is important that the items are not broken or too damaged. If this is the case, your donation will likely be declined at the collection point.

2. Throw the items away in the appropriate containers

For some items, there exist special containers. On the website of your municipality you will find a list with all the locations of containers for residual waste, paper, glass and textiles.

There are also containers intended for organic waste (vegetable, fruit and food scraps + garden waste) and special collection points for e-waste, such as those of Wecycle. Sometimes you can also find bins for lamps and batteries at your local supermarket.

Thrift store

3. Sell the items or give them away

There exists a possibility that you can make someone else happy with your old items. There are several ways to give your old stuff away or to sell it on to someone else:

  • Organize a clothing swap

Who says decluttering has to be boring? Invite all your friends, family and neighbors for a clothing swap. Make sure that you plan the event well in advance so that everyone has enough time to sort out their wardrobe. Once the time has come, you can choose to throw all the clothes in one heap. However, you can also sort the clothes by size, just like in a real store.

  • Sell your old items or offer them for free

There are various platforms on which you can sell your old stuff or offer it for free. Marktplaats is a great platform for this. In the case of old clothes, you can create a listing on Vinted. There are also many groups on Facebook in which you can offer your stuff.

  • Donate your items to charity

There are many charities that are more than happy to receive your old stuff, provided that the items are still in good condition. For example, there exist all kinds of war aid and refugee organizations that have their own collection points.


4. Bring your items to the recycling center

Usually you can get rid of the following types of waste at the recycling center of your municipality:

  • Bulky waste
  • (Large) garden waste
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Electrical devices
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Styrofoam
  • Glass
  • Synthetic waste
  • Textile (clean and dry)
  • Chemical waste
  • Car tires and batteries
  • Items for the thrift store
  • Soil, sand and gravel
  • Fire extinguishers and gas bottles
  • Waste containing asbestos

Don’t forget to bring your ID with you when you visit the recycling centre – you have to prove that you really live in the municipality to be able to throw things away here.

Recycling Electronics

5. Make use of our free pick-up service

If you live in an area where the Byewaste service is already available, it is even easier for you. We will pick up your old items for free from your home, after which we donate or recycle them in the right way. This way, you give back to your neighbors and the planet without too much effort!

You can use our service to get rid of old books, electronics, toys, textiles and other small household items. When these items are still in good condition, they are reused through thrift store Het Goed. If the items are broken or too damaged, we will ensure that they are recycled at the local recycling center. This way, you can be sure that your old items end up at the right place.

To use the Byewaste service, you can easily schedule an appointment in the app. Relax, we’ll take care of the rest!

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