May 16, 2023
Kim Ngan Van

Eco-friendly self-care: Nurture yourself and the planet

Welcome to the new era of eco-friendly self-care, in which we cherish both our own health and that of the planet. Hereby, while shopping, we consciously make the choice of eco-friendly alternatives that promote our well-being without harming the planet. That way, you don't have to renounce your own values to engage in self-care!

Green skincare

One of the first steps to an eco-friendly skincare routine is to reduce our reliance on conventional skincare products that are often full of harmful chemicals and ingredients that burden the planet. ‍Instead, we can choose natural and organic products that are kind to our skin and the environment.

Consider products with ingredients such as organic plant extracts, essential oils and natural preservatives.

  • Weleda offers a wide range of skincare products formulated with organic plant extracts and natural ingredients.
  • Lush is known for handmade, fresh and vegan products that are free of synthetic ingredients and minimize packaging waste.
  • The products of The Body Shop do not only smell great, but contribute both to various social and environmental projects around the world.
  • Dr. Hauschka uses carefully selected organic ingredients and takes a holistic approach to beauty.

Reducing waste

Eco-friendly self-care goes beyond just using natural products. It is also about reducing waste and making conscious choices in our daily lives. ‍

For example, instead of using disposable products, you can switch to reusable alternatives such as washable cotton pads, reusable razors and biodegradable toothbrushes. This way you reduce your waste production and contribute to a cleaner planet.

  • At Holland & Barrett, the specialist in health, you can purchase sustainable products like toothbrushes made from bamboo
  • Bamboozy sells soft, reusable cotton pads made of organic cotton, which are ideal for makeup removal and skin cleansing.
  • Bambaw sells reusable razors made of durable bamboo and stainless steel.

Sustainable brands

A key pillar of eco-friendly self-care is supporting brands and companies that are committed to sustainability and ethical practices. ‍

By choosing products from companies that sell their products in eco-friendly packaging, use renewable energy sources and are transparent about their supply chain, we can align our consumption choices with our standards and values.

  • Dr. Bronner's is known for its organic and fair trade certified soaps and personal care products. They are committed to sustainability, fair trade and social responsibility.
  • Yoni pecializes in sustainable and organic menstrual products. They offer tampons, pads and panty liners that are free of harmful chemicals and made from organic cotton.
  • Fairtrade Original Fairtrade Original is a brand dedicated to promoting fair trade and sustainability. This particular brand regularly appears on the shelves of the familiar Albert Heijn and Jumbo.
  • Skosh focuses on creating sustainable cleaning products. It is all about creating a harmonious balance between a sparkling cleaning experience and a caring love for our planet.

Balance between body and mind

Self-care extends beyond just the surface, as the inner self also deserves attention. How best to do this varies from person to person. Some options include spending more time relaxing, meditating, getting enough exercise and a healthy diet. ‍

By taking good care of ourselves, we can balance our body and mind, thus having a positive impact on our overall well-being.

  • Kula is the place to be to relax and feel good. With a café and yoga classes, Kula offers a variety of ways to enjoy yourself. Whether you are an experienced yogi or new to yoga, there is a class to suit you.
  • Juni Lekkernijen sells healthy, homemade food and treats. They use organic and seasonal ingredients and focus on reducing food waste.
  • Let yourself dream away in the enchanting ambiance of Sauna Deco: a historic sauna with an authentic art deco style. With their commitment to sustainability, they use energy-efficient heating systems.


A tidy and organized space creates a sense of harmony and makes it easier to relax and unwind. Moreover, decluttering also goes hand in hand with sustainable living. By consciously choosing which items to keep and which to get rid of, you become aware of your consumption habits.

A consequence of this is that you are likely to buy less stuff in the future because you have found that you don't need that much at all. This means a tidy house and a reduction in the raw materials and energy needed to produce these goods. It also ensures that you will produce less (packaging) waste.

Tip: Are you looking for a sustainable way to get rid of your old stuff? Then consider using the Byewaste ophaalservice.

Together we strive for a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Do you have any tips? Share them with us via email!