June 29, 2023
Kim Ngan Van

A second life for books

Books often have a special charm and sentimental value. However, they also take up an unnecessary amount of space when they are gathering dust in the cupboard. So it can't hurt to check out your bookshelf. But what to do with that stack of books you no longer need?

To donate

One of the most satisfying ways to get rid of your books is to donate them. This way you can be sure that someone else will still enjoy your favorite book.

There are countless libraries, schools, prisons, and charitable organizations that would appreciate your books. In addition, you can search for local book drives of book fairs to find where to donate your books.

TIP: Make sure the books are in good condition and suitable for the target group to which you are giving them.

Are you having too much trouble sorting through your books and finding a suitable destination? Then have it retrieved via the Beewash collection service. Your books will then be reused through our network of sustainable partners. Consider, for example, local thrift stores and parties such as Book desk.

Trade or sell

Book exchange

Are you looking for new reading material, or do you just want to free up space in your bookcase? Then consider organizing a book exchange. This is not only sustainable, but also very cozy!

Invite friends, relatives or colleagues to bring their old books to trade with them. This way everyone has something new to read at the end of the day.

An extra pocket

You can also choose to sell your books online through platforms such as second-hand bookstores, book fairs or social media. This way you not only make others happy with new books, but you also earn a little extra money.

Art and decoration

Excess books can serve as original decorations with a little effort and creativity. Some ideas:

  • Use the pages to create collages, combining interesting text fragments, images and colors.
  • Create book sculptures by rolling and folding the pages to create paper flowers or other unique patterns. These works of art add an artistic touch to your home or office and serve as an eye-catching conversation starter.
  • Use the pages to make origami figures, such as paper cranes or flowers. This is a fun activity for both children and adults.



Upcycling is a trendy and sustainable way to give used materials a new purpose.

  • Use the hard covers of books as coasters, notebook covers, or as a base for making a secret stash box.
  • Make special lampshades or (floating) bookshelves from stacked books.
  • You can find more inspiration for your new project at Pinterest or in our upcycling community.

Let your imagination run wild and give your old books a new function in your daily life! Upcycling is not only fun and creative, but you also contribute to a more sustainable society. This way you prevent valuable materials from being thrown away. On the right track!


As a last option you can book your to recycle. While it can be difficult to part with your beloved reading material, recycling is an environmentally responsible choice for books that can no longer be reused.

When books are recycled, the paper they are made from is reused to produce books, building materials, or other paper products.

TIP: You can visit your municipality's website to find out the guidelines for recycling books in your area.

Whether you want to donate, trade, sell, recycle, get creative or get started with upcycling, there is always a suitable option to give your read books a second chance.

Do you have another idea to ensure that your books get a second life? Let us know!