May 2, 2023

Meet the team: Kim, our marketing intern

We are committed to a more sustainable society with a small but passionate team. In this column, we give the people behind Byewaste a chance to introduce themselves to you. This week it is the turn for Kim, our marketing intern.

Although you can find short introductions of our team members on the “About us” page, we thought it was about time for you to get to know us a bit better. Last time, Usman took you along on his journey at Byewaste, sharing his vision on sustainability and our company. This week, Kim will tell you her journey.

Hi there! Who are you? Tell us something about yourself!

Hello everyone! My name is Kim and I am a 21-year-old International Business student at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. Besides my studies, I have a big passion: food.‍I love food and am always looking for new ways to cook. Whether it's trying out new ingredients or combining flavors, I'm constantly trying to improve my cooking skills.

And when I don't feel like cooking for a while, I like to go to restaurants to taste and discover new dishes.‍To inspire and help others, I started writing blogs about food waste. A tip: if you are looking for inspiration for new recipes, be sure to check out my blogs [1] [2].

What do you do at Byewaste?

As part of the Byewaste team, I am responsible for creating content for the social media channels. I also write the company's weekly blogs. My role is to ensure that our message is communicated clearly and consistently to all Byewasters.

As a marketing intern, my job is to create interesting and relevant content that appeals to our target audience. I work with the other team members to make sure our content matches the vision and mission of Byewaste. I also help distribute them effectively through the various online channels.

How did you end up at Byewaste?

Looking back on how I ended up at Byewaste, I can safely say it was a matter of luck and timing. When I was looking for a graduate internship for my thesis, I came in contact with Byewaste through LinkedIn. ‍

After a few conversations with the team at Byewaste, it was clear that I had found the right place here. The company fit my interests and ambitions perfectly. I immediately felt at home with the team and company culture.

Why did you want to work for the company?

From a young age, I was always interested in the environment. Therefore, I wanted to work for a company that is committed to a better world and future. When I came in contact with Byewaste, I immediately knew that this company was a perfect fit for me. ‍

The idea that I could contribute to a company that deals with CO2 emissions by giving things a second life appealed to me greatly. I was immediately intrigued by Byewaste's focus and the fact that the company develops innovative solutions to recycling problems.

Through my work as a marketing intern at Byewaste, I hope to spread the company's message and inspire others to take action for a more sustainable future.

What do you like most about your job?

At Byewaste, there is always a drive to think out-of-the-box. This makes my work challenging and inspiring.‍In addition, I also find it very valuable that I can contribute to a better world at Byewaste.

Through our activities we can contribute to the preservation of our planet. This gives me a sense of satisfaction and meaning in my work.

And what do you like least about it?

Currently, I am experiencing a very positive work experience and can say with full conviction that there is nothing I don't like about my job.

Why do you think that people should start recycling and reusing more?

There are an awful lot of resources and materials that we currently think of as waste, when in fact they can still be put to great use again. Recycling and reusing are important steps to reduce our impact on the environment. ‍

By reusing materials, we avoid unnecessary extraction and production of new raw materials, which is associated with large CO2 emissions. Moreover, this way we save precious energy and reduce the amount of waste we produce.

When would you have especially benefited from a service like Byewaste yourself?

As a child, I had many things, such as clothes, toys and books. Unfortunately, at that time there were no thrift stores in my village where I could bring these things to give them a second life. ‍

This meant that these things ended up being thrown away, which I thought was a great shame. I would have loved to use a service like Byewaste to give these items a new life.

How are you contributing to a more sustainable future in your personal life?

In my daily life, I am very conscious about sustainability and reducing my carbon footprint. One of the ways I do this is by growing my own vegetables in my own garden. ‍

This way I don't have to buy packaged vegetables from the supermarket, thus generating less CO2 emissions. Moreover, I also really enjoy gardening myself and experimenting with different types of vegetables.‍

In addition, I give a second life to packaging that I do have. For example, I use old milk bottles to plant my plants in. Not only is this a sustainable way to grow my plants, but it also looks nice in my garden.

Which sustainable habit would you like to apply in your daily life?

Although it is difficult to reduce my water consumption, I plan to take shorter showers and less frequent full baths. I also want to be more conscious about using the faucet while washing dishes. With these small adjustments, I can already save significantly on my water consumption.

In addition, I plan to reduce my energy consumption by being more conscious about the use of electrical appliances and lighting. For example, I want to use natural daylight more often and turn off appliances when I'm not using them. I also want to look into the possibilities of renewable energy sources in the future, like solar panels.

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