Give a second life to your pre-loved items.

We collect your used books, electronics, toys, textiles and more from your home for free.

We then give each item a second life with the help of our network of sustainable partners.

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Give a second life to your old items.

Together with our partners, we are paving the way for the transition towards a circular economy.

We collect the items that you no longer use from your home for free.

Schedule your pick-up now!

How it works

Step 1  Sort your belongings

Collect all of the electronics, textiles, toys, books and more that you would like to give a second life to.

Step 2 Prepare the package(s)

Use a different box or bag for each category (max 48 x 32 x 36 cm & 10 kg). Label the packages with our stickers or pen and paper.

Step 3 Make an appointment

Schedule your pick-up in our mobile- or web app and relax, we'll take care of the rest! Find out how to prepare for the collection day here.

Clean your home and the planet with Byewaste!

We help you to save time and effort when decluttering by picking up all your used books, electronics, toys, textiles and more from your home for free.

We then give each item a second life through our network of sustainable partners. This is how we prevent valuable items and materials from getting lost among the residual waste.


tonnes of household electronic waste are incinerated annually
in the Netherlands.


Clothing is vastly underutilized, with 70% of textiles lost
in the trash.


Only 35% of non-traditional waste
is recycled.

Join us on our journey to zero waste.

Our app makes repurposing your pre-loved items as easy as ordering a pizza.

What are you waiting for? Discover the convenience of Byewaste and give back to your neighbours and the planet!
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Our partners

Our ever-expanding network of sustainable partners helps us to give
a second life to the items that we collect.
Part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community

What do our clients think?

33 Years

"I had a lot of children's clothing and toys laying around that I would have normally brought away, but this is much more convenient! You just have to put your items outside with a sticker and they will be collected. The app is also very user-friendly and clear. I'd say: keep it up!"

58 Years

"I received a letter at home and then I immediately thought “how easy!”. I like that I don't have to take the stuff away myself anymore, as I did before. I also found it very easy to use the service."

44 years

"When we first heard about the service, I immediately installed the app. I often have clothes from my son that he no longer fits, including a lot of expensive designer clothes. I don't feel like selling these clothes on Marktplaats, but I also think it's a shame to throw them in the container. Someone else can still make good use of them! That's why I use the Byewaste app. In addition, I find it all very fast and easy, it is a really convenient solution."

51 years

"We are renovating the house, so we have a lot of stuff that we want to get rid of. I think it's nice that the items are reused, and we save a lot of time as they are picked up from our home. Moreover, using the app is very easy: you just choose a date, attach the sticker and you're done! "

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