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Our Investors

DigiCirc is a cross-European accelerator programme for circular cities. They bring together companies, public bodies and researchers to work together to address an important need: making our economy more sustainable.

“We are very proud of the solution and the entrepreneurial skill developed by Byewaste - they have successfully passed the awareness phase and built a community of supporters, partners, and European clients offering a new re-commerce approach. A new way of recycling!”
"By giving things a second life, Byewaste is working on a sustainable and circular future. ImpactCity supports companies like Byewaste to help them scale up their business; 'Doing good and doing business'."

ImpactCity supports startups & scale-ups in The Hague with a strong range of services and a large international network. They help participants to do business with impact, together with thousands of creative entrepreneurs.

The DOEN Foundation believes in a Green, Socially inclusive and Creative society. DOEN supports innovative initiatives of pioneers and gives them a quick start. In this way, they can inspire others and show that change is possible.

“The Byewaste app makes it easier for consumers to separate even more waste. The startup has the potential to be the connecting factor between consumers, waste collectors/processors and recycling and recycling parties.
“Citizens and circular companies connect with each other through Byewaste by means of simple door-to-door collection. The collected data provides a good insight into material flows. This is relevant for municipalities, collectors and processing companies.”

CityLab010 supports and stimulates the energy of ambitious city dreamers, so that their dreams for and in Rotterdam become reality.

Oterap wants passionate entrepreneurs to have an honest and stable future full of growth. They invest in companies that bring about sustainable change.

“Byewaste has developed a very smart concept that helps municipalities to achieve social development goals and makes it easy for citizens to give a second life to their possessions. ”

What do we do with the money?

All the money that we receive goes to the upkeep of our service. Our investors help us to cover the costs of expansion, logistics, storage, and the salary of our employees.

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Investors about us

CityLab 010
By collecting the items for free from people’s homes, Byewaste lowers the threshold for reuse and recycling.

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Byewaste has the vision of changing citizens’ perception of waste and uses modern technology to give waste a second life

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Impact City
Recycling is broken, it needs to be recycled.

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Doen Foundation
Throwing things away has a huge negative impact on the environment. With their initiative, Byewaste helps municipalities to reduce their residual waste.

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Oterap BV
Byewaste provides an infrastructure so that citizens can more easily hand in household products and appliances for recycling and reuse.

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