Driving the ecological transition in the mattress recycling industry.

With their average lifespan being 8 years, around 1.3 million mattresses are being thrown away in the Netherlands every year. As we can recover more than 20 valuable materials from this waste stream, it is crucial that the recycling process is optimised.
We aim to push the industry to a more circular approach, offering people a simple and sustainable solution to get rid of their old mattresses.
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Connecting players in the circular economy

Every year, Dutch citizens throw away enough mattresses to fill the whole Amsterdam Football Arena – all the way up the ladder. That corresponds to more than one million used mattresses, making it one of the largest streams among household waste.

The vast majority of discarded mattresses are incinerated, which is a waste of valuable resources. Luckily, we are here to change the path!

We are working together with

We provide a fitting solution to handling the collection and recycling of used mattresses that adheres to EU regulations.
We enable municipalities to collect the valuable mattress waste stream separately - as opposed to with the bulky waste.
We take care of the transportation of mattresses from citizens' houses to the recycling centers.
Manufacturing companies / Brands
We collaborate with companies who are interested in recycled Polyurethane (PU) as a material to manufacture new products.

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The Process

Educate and Engage

We inform citizens about the downsides of mattress disposal for the environment, encouraging them to take more responsible choices.

Collect and Distribute

We collect used mattresses in a sustainable manner, providing our partners with an effective service.

Track and Report

Through our detailed dashboard, we are able to track and report on the lifecycle of the mattresses we collect.